Hatch Chile
Best Chile in The World

Hello, We will have Chile in 2021. We always start taking orders on July 15th. Last year worked out very well. We got compliments on how it went. 

We will bring in a little more Chile than last year. We will NOT be in La Puente this year. We will have a drive thru Chile pickup, just as we did last year, in Whittier. You will not get out of your car to pickup your Chile, we will put your Chile in your car for you.

  Take Care and B Safe.


The 14th Load is Sold Out

We will have Green Chile for 2021.

Pickup's  for the dry chile products MUST be scheduled for time and date. Oh and the best Chile in the world comes from Hatch , New Mexico.

All pickups are in Whittier, California.

We have been selling Hatch Chile since the 1970's. It all started with just bringing some chile for family and friends. The Dry chile products can be shipped or you can pickup in Whittier.


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