About Us

EL Rey Farms has brought

 Fresh Hatch Chile

to California since 1970. It started with Rey & Elsie bringing a few sacks for friends & relatives. Then more friends, and more friends. It had grown to where we brought in 4 to 5 truck loads of chile each year. Until the grocery stores starting bringing in chile. Just so you know, the grocery stores bring a HYBRID chile to California. The hybrid chile DOES NOT have the same taste as the chile we bring in. Our chile is the same we have had for years, 64 Mild, Big Jim Medium, Sandia, Barker, and the Double X is Lumbre. The hybrid chile has a lot more chiles per plant, but the Hybrid chile, again DOES NOT have the Hatch New Mexico chile taste. 

Rey and Elsie were born and raised

in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico.

We start taking orders on July 15th. 

We have the freshest Hatch Chile,

you can get in California.

Our chile is Hatch Chile

Our family has land in the Hatch Valley

of New Mexico.